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Paid Call Firefighter (PCF) Opportunities

The fire and rescue service is one of the most diverse and challenging
professions known today. It is this diversity that inspires most men and
women to enter the profession, whether as a volunteer or career employee.
Firefighting is not for everyone. You need more than just a desire to help
people. You need courage, dedication, assertiveness, and the willingness to
learn new skills and face new challenges. Committing to serve as a
Volunteer Firefighter in your community and the rigorous training schedule
that service requires, is a decision that should not be made lightly.
If you believe you have what it takes to meet the challenges of our
profession, we welcome you to join us!

Being a volunteer fire company, our firefighters do not get paid a regular salary. However, this does not mean we are any less professional! Every one of our firefighter and medical staff undergoes the same extensive training as paid firefighters.

We are actively looking to recruit more community members to be a part of our Fire Team! County fire provides all the training, personal safety equipment, and medical response bags to our volunteers.

Minimum Qualifications Desirable Qualities:

Live within a response area

Be at least 18 years of age

Possess a valid driver’s license

Personal Qualities

You must be a team player.  Fire fighters work in teams, not alone

You must have good interpersonal skills and be able to communicate well with others (fellow fire fighters and the public)

You must be able to keep information private.   Details of certain types of emergencies are prohibited by law from sharing

You must be able to handle physical work, lifting heavy loads, working with tools and equipment, walk or hike distances, climb ladders and be mildly susceptible to poison oak

You must be able to handle seeing and experiencing traumatic, violent and emotional situation

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